Hannah van Hemmen, Marine Engineer and Scientist

Meet Hannah van Hemmen, a young scientist and engineer who works as a marine surveyor at MARTIN OTTAWAY. She talks about what’s it like to be young in an old fashion industry with cutting edge technology and which she thinks gets too little attention.

Hannah has got some really good ideas how the shipping industry can become more visible, why not take her up on the idea of a female surveyor as the new MacGyver? She also speaks about a book called The sole of a new machine.

Hannah also speaks very fondly about WISTA, Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, where she is a member of the New York Chapter, WISTA USA.

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Brent C Bruun, Chief Operating Officer, KVH Industries Inc.

Brent C. Bruun, Chief Operating Officer of mobile broadband for KVH Industries, joined KVH in 2008 and has been instrumental in setting the strategy for KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband service, which is now the industry’s leading maritime VSAT provider.

Brent Bruun is dedicated to creating solutions to meet the maritime industry’s need for improved operations through connectivity. Before joining KVH, Brent held positions with satellite operator SES AMERICOM, KPMG LLP, and General Electric.

We discuss the fact that usage of mobile broadband at see is going up, on a monthly basis, that new sattelites are going up and that ew sattelite constellations is formed, which will be able to support the increased use.

Brent sees the future going with the internet of things and the connection between ship and shore becoming vital.

Join the conversation, is the maritime industry ready to embrace digitalisation?

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Alisdair Pettigrew, Managing Director and Co-Founder of BLUE Communications

Alisdair Pettigrew has 15 years experience of working in the markets where marine, energy and environment meet. He is co-founder of BLUE, a communications’ consultancy, whose mission is to bring new strategic intelligence to reputation management in industries that must alter perceptions of their economic and social value. He came to communications from a successful decade in journalism and as publisher with Informa and Petromedia.Continue Reading …